Ronnie C. says:  not only do you have excellent techniques with your massage.  The environment is absolutely captivating in creating and establishing a setting of relaxation, and a temporary getaway.


Roy B. says:  I want to say thanks again for the INCREDIBLE massage this morning. My body hasn't felt this relaxed and tension free in a long time. You have a wonderful gift and magical touch my friend! I can definitely understand why you have such a high percentage of repeat clients.  I would very much like to join those ranks.


Harold V. says:  This was the first time I had a massage with Joe. I live in Palm Springs and he lives in San Diego. Occasionally, he comes to visit the desert, and we had tried a few times to book an appointment but were not able to arrange our schedules until today. Joe is very easy to converse with and he shows concern for everything regarding the comfort of the client. He applied the perfect amount of pressure. I'm so glad we were finally able to set up an appt. He's an excellent masseur and I look forward to future appointments with him. He has my highest recommendation.


Massage Therapy by Joe Gray


Geoff Scott. says:   I was looking for a massage because I had taken a pretty hard fall the day before while out for a run. I'm a big guy, so I was looking for someone my size with a professional look. Joe was extremely prompt in getting back to me. Because I was pretty sore, he made room for me on his schedule the same day. That's what I was after, someone that knew exactly what my body needed. He made sure that the pressure on my body was always comfortable, and was willing to apply more or less. I have had quite a few massages in my lifetime and to be extremely honest, THE BEST MASSAGE EVER! Thank You Joe. I WILL be returning.    


Tom D. says:  WOW!  You have some serious massage skills, worth every dollar.  Thanks for seeing me on such short notice.  I will refer you as often as I can.


Dave P. says:  just a quick note to let you know that your massage was AWESOME today!  Best one I've ever had, and I can't wait for the next one!  Your work on my lower back was perfect & you also used just the right pressure on my shoulders, upper back and neck area which is a place that many massages have not been satisfying to me.


Bob D. says:  Thanks again!  Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your very effective massage last night. Your personality and warm atmosphere made it easy for me to feel very comfortable with you. I'm addicted and you'll definitely see me on your table again soon!


Joe C. says:  As a trained massage therapist myself I can appreciate his dedication for massage and his competency. He provides a relaxing well-appointed environment; the music was perfect, not too soft and not too loud. He asked me all the right questions in the beginning and kept on checking from time to time as a good practitioner is supposed to do. From a technical perspective, the quality of his massage great, the level of pressure produces pain yet needed pain that feels good to relax problem areas & sore muscles, he is a professional yet personable, he checks from time to time yet he is quiet and lets me drift off to sleep. I highly recommend Joe and intend to return for future massage appts. In spite of some distance, I intend to become a regular client.  

Bodywork Essentials And Relaxation Massage


Stephen H. says:  Joe, I just wanted to e-mail you back to say that I am so grateful for the beautiful massage you gave me.  You have a truly wonderful talent, not only in your massage skills but in your warmth and in making me feel totally comfortable and like a new person when I left.


Michael V. says:  Hey Joe, what a great massage ... have to say that you are the most skilled and intuitive massage therapist I have ever been one else even comes close... I will definitely be back anytime I'm in the San Diego area... I felt so good when i woke up this morning, I never feel that good after the heavy lifting and moving that is required for a show like we had there in SD...